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Therapeutic Groups

Therapeutic Groups

upcoming, current & previous groups

Current Groups:

Body Mapping Workshop

June 2018

The participants of this BM workshop are children with learning difficulties, who stay at a residential house. The goal of this workshop is to explore own identities through body-awareness and creativity. It helps to increase self-confident and stimulate social interaction.

Therapeutic Dance & Movement Group

 Oct 2015 to Present

This group is for elderly who are living in a nursing house in Breda. Participants are from the age of 70 and above, who had stroke experience, somatic disabilities and age-related limitations. Once a week we meet together to share dance with others. We can choose to dance with or without music. Sometimes we use different kinds of props such as balls, fabric, and musical instrument to stimulate creative movement and interaction between each other. The purposes for the group are to increase contact with other residents, enhance body-awareness and stimulate self-expression through dance and movement.

Power Women

Jan 2017 to Present

This group is a development of a previous project called ‘Bloemen van de Heuvel’. Women with different ethnic background, who lived within a particular area in Breda, come together once a week. It allows them to use movement and dance to reduce stress, reconnect to their bodies, make contact with others and strengthen concentration abilities. It is a safe space for them to express their emotions in movement and to nurture themselves. 

In co-operation with Basisschool de Weerijs

Previous Groups:

Let's move & dance

Mar 2016 to Dec 2017

Most of the participants in this group were under 65 years old with Dementia and a few elderly with somatic problems. They were all living in a nursing house in Breda. Through dancing together with each other, a harmony atmosphere was created. Participants recognised and made contact with each other through dance and body languages. The group provided them a safe space to reconnect to the body memory. This familiar feelings and sensation allowed participants to reduce anxiety level and feel at ease. 

Bloemen van De Heuvel

May to Dec 2016

This group aimed at developing inter-dependent quality within the community of Heuvel in Breda. Participants learnt to increase their awareness of physical and mental health for themselves and their family members.

Participants were women with different ethnic background. They interacted with each other through dance & movement, embodied awareness exercises, creative and team-building activities. By working together and meeting regularly, participants were able to get to know each other and feel more comfortable to make connection with others. Participants learnt to take initiative to explore possibilities within the community, in which they were able to seek supports for their physical and mental health. 

In co-operation with NOL & Zo Buurtonderneming Heuvel Breda and Jeugdwerk Surplus.

Dance To Release

April to July 2016

The group was a development from "Girls Girls, Dance to Release", with the similar ideas of supporting asylum seeker children. It supported asylum seeker children who seem to lack of concentration during class. During the sessions, the children learnt about others who had different cultures. They explored the idea of finding safe space for themselves. The exploration allowed them to express their emotions in movement and dance. Also it stimulated their curiosity to the new environment.

In co-operation with Basisschool de Fontein.

Girls Girls, Dance to Release

Feb to April 2016

This group was about providing a safe space for girl refugees, age from 8 to 13. By using dance and movement, they could explore their own identities, be recognised about who they are, and build up their confidence as a girl, while living in a new environment.

In co-operation with Mondiaal Centrum Breda.

Dance To Connect

Jan 2016

This group was about creating a safe space for adult female refugees to cope with their current difficult situation in life and to gain support from the group. We danced together and shared own cultures. Since all participants had similar experience, they were able to show understanding and support to each other. It was a symbolic journey for them, in which they could embrace their HOPE to find a safe space where they could feel at home.

In co-operation with Mondiaal Centrum Breda.