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About Man Yi Tsang

About Man Yi Tsang

journey, registration & accreditations

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Journey of Man Yi Tsang

Man Yi Tsang

I enjoy dancing since I was a child.  Dancing allows me to express my feelings when words are not enough to do so. When I dance, I feel the freedom inside me and I am connecting to myself. When I get too busy in my head, I need to come back to my body and dance.

I was trained as a professional dancer in Hong Kong, which enhanced my physicality and sensitivity in movement, as well as enriched my artistic perspective in performing arts. Even though I have received professional dance training, I know that dancing does not necessary require any dance techniques.

While searching for the possibility of expressing myself through dance and movement, I took on a master programme of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) in London. Within my practice in DMP, I experienced a deeper level of understanding about myself through dance and other creative means. I also discovered a creative way to support people with different needs, on emotional, cognitive, physical and social levels.

Since 2009, I have been practicing DMP/counselling at various settings, including primary school with special educational needs, acute admission psychiatric ward, mental health charity organisation, mainstream primary school, women community centre and private setting. Within those settings, I provided group and one-to-one therapy or counselling sessions to my clients.

In 2014, I had an opportunity to explore Body Mapping (BM) Workshop. The process of creating my own body map enabled me to deeply be aware of myself and brought me new discovery about myself. I then took on a year mentorship programme as to support myself to facilitate BM Workshop, as well as, to integrate BM into DMP practice.  

I moved to the Netherlands in 2015. The journey of living in different countries gave me inspiration. I am curious about the changes within myself. The cultural differences in life and how people see Dance Therapy influence the way I practice and promote DMP here. I would like to wider my exploration of how DMP and BM can support the embodied experience of people who are experiencing the transition of moving to a new environment.

Since I moved to the Netherlands until now, I have worked with children and women refugees, young people with dementia, elderly with Parkinson’s diseases, stroke experience and Acquired Brain Injury, and children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and learning difficulties.

I am passionate about working with people and am curious about exploring different ways to support diverse populations.  You can click on andere mogelijkheden (other possibilities) to find out more about groups with different populations.

Registration & Accreditations

Registration membership:

NVDAT - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Danstherapie (2015-present)

RV - Register Vaktherapie: Geregistreerd Vaktherapeut (2016-present)

ADMP UK - Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK (2009-present)

I abide by the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of Nederlandse Vereniging voor Danstherapie and Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK.


Master of Arts in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths College, University of London

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with Honours at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts